A BOURNEMOUTH mum has released a 'heart-warming' children's book inspired by her son's medical journey.

Teagan Maddocks, a 33-year-old mother from Southbourne, has unveiled her new book, 'Super Ted's Glue Ear: Featuring The Super Power of Grommets'.

The story is inspired by her two-year-old's son's battle with glue ear and subsequent grommet surgery, serving as 'a beacon of hope for families facing similar challenges.'

Inspired by her son's experiences, Teagan said she felt compelled to share their story with others facing similar obstacles.

Teagan said: "I wanted to create something that could provide comfort and support to families going through similar challenges.

"It's a story of resilience, bravery, and the power of love, inspired by my own son's incredible spirit."

Bournemouth Echo: Super Ted's Glue Ear: Featuring The Super Power Of Grommets

At the age of six months, her son was diagnosed with glue ear, a common condition where fluid accumulates in the middle ear, causing temporary hearing loss and discomfort.

After undergoing many tests and being given a hearing band, they finally got grommet surgery last November 2023.

Super Ted's Glue Ear: Featuring The Super Power Of Grommets chronicles the emotions and experiences of a young child facing medical procedures with courage and strength.

Through vibrant illustrations and relatable storytelling, the book aims to reassure children and parents alike that they are not alone in their journey.