A rare show-stopping exotic bird has gone missing after it flew out of its cage, leaving its owner 'gutted'.

Barry, a black-naped oriole, went missing from the Bearwood area in mid-afternoon on Tuesday, March 5, while owner Steve Horn, 62, was replacing his water. 

Gutted by the loss, Steve has asked anyone to keep an eye out for the bright yellow bird which has a peak beak and black wings. 

Steve said: "I went to change the water dish in the aviary and it flew straight out alongside me and out the door. I'm absolutely gutted about it. 

"It's a stunning bird and there's nothing native that flies around in that colour. A joke name for it was Barry because it's got a massive beak."

Barry had recently been a star of the Stafford Spring Bird Show on March 3, days before his disappearance.

Steve has said many people didn't recognise the bird and had never seen one before, despite being at an event for enthusiasts.

He said: "It was the amount of people that didn't even know what it was. These are people that have kept birds for years and years and they've never seen one in their life. 

"I couldn't sleep the first night I lost it. The bird lives on worms and fruit and I'm worried that crows will chase it and hunt it down as it's a captive bird."

Steve first acquired Barry in 2020 and owns 30 birds. 

Owning its European counterpart, he recently sent two budgies to Sheffield's Butterfly House.

He said: "I've kept birds for 50 years, I'm retired now but I grew up on birds and my dad and my grandad were always experts. This bird was on another level.

"If someone did find it and brought it back to me, I would give them reward for it."

Steve contacted the RSPCA to help find the bird and local wildlife group Wildlife in Need to help find the bird. 

He says if anyone sees the bird to please get in touch with either organisation.