I SHARE the opinions of those readers who object to the continued attacks on the motorists firstly through the ongoing expansion of cycle lanes and now with the threatened 20 m.p.h. restrictions. They can only increase congestion.

However, this does not mean we can afford to do nothing. Traffic congestion across the BCP area is a major issue which needs a visionary approach. Major urban areas around the UK and the rest of the world have looked to modern tram systems as the way to get around their cities. With a population exceeding 400,000 people and that number increasing hugely with people coming into BCP for work and then tourism on top we are in that league - why can't we up our game?

Yes - I appreciate there is a major affordability issue just now but let's get a vision on the table so that we can start moving towards it. It won't happen in 5 minutes but if we don't start to plan for the future with more ambition it never will.

One thing that must have changed the travelling habits of many motorists in places like Manchester is to see well scheduled and reliable rapid light transit systems as an alternative to sitting in traffic jams.

Douglas Eyre

Harbour Road