AS holders of a driving licence we are required to drive with due care and attention. To that should be added courtesy and empathy.

Surely this then means we all automatically slow down, often slower than 20mph, near schools, hospitals and areas where pedestrians congregate such as Southbourne Grove.

We should also modify our driving to expect the unexpected and allow for road conditions, such as not accelerating or braking suddenly in wet and icy conditions and only overtaking cyclists when it is safe to do so leaving at least half a cars width in case they swerve to avoid a pot hole.

You have to earn the right to drive on our roads by passing a test.

Could BCP Council run a campaign to remind drivers of these individual responsibilities if they wish to use our roads and that at the same time they will be helping the council to meet its budget requirements as they won’t have to spend thousands on new signage?

Terry Humphries

Boscombe Overcliff,