A PAIR of Christchurch co-authors invited children from a local childcare centre to celebrate world book day in their wellies. 

Mother and son co-authors Lisa Esposito, 66, and Warren Glynn, 30, invited children from Chewton Common Playschool to celebrate World Book Day in their wellies at Bookends, Christchurch, inspired by their book, The Wonderful World of Wellies: Ollie and Ellie's Outdoor Adventures.

Published in 2022 and illustrated by Claire Kitcher, Lisa and Warren's book shows the underground world of four wellington boots and has remained a best seller at Bookends. 

Lisa said: "I'm a retired teacher and when I finished teaching, I taught in nursery and kindergarten where we went on welly walks. All the wellies would be lined up in a row, and I went home and said, 'I think I could write a story about this.'

"When Warren came home and read what I had written, I don't think he was overly impressed. He knocked it into shape and we wrote it three times."

The location of the book has been inspire by BCP's coastline and both authors hope it is one of seven to come.

Written in anapestic tetrameter, the book was test-read by over 200 children and has proved popular with 1,000 copies sold and an endorsement from Dame Joanna Lumley.

Dame Joanna Lumley said: "Exciting to see my favourite footwear celebrated in this lively, colourful book. 

"As a patron of the Born Free Foundation, who will benefit from its sales, I can only say: Welly well done, you lovely people! And long may the Wellies get up to mischief!”

A total of 20p of each book sale goes to charity Born Free, created by Dame Virginia McKenna. Lisa and Warren say they are very proud of the book's endorsement and have raised £150 for the charity,

With World Book Day in mind, Lisa and Warren hope to inspire children to read and incentivise parents to help their children do so. 

Warren said: "Our book is really just about having fun. The purpose is 'the telly is off, we hear giggles today', so just that one sentence is trying to say, move away from the screen and go outside. 

"The children are so engaged with what they're hearing and reading and that all encourages children's imaginations to bring it to life."