A PRESCHOOL in Christchurch has asked residents to help name its new boat turned sandpit. 

Christchurch Preschool, in Beauchamp Place, has asked people to name its newly bought rowing boat which is set to be turned into a sandpit. 

Bought by the preschool for £125, the team hopes to choose a name that reflects the area. 

Preschool manager, Cara Kirby, said: "As soon as I got the job as manager here and I saw out logo, which is a boat, I looked at the outside space and saw a blank canvas and I was knew we needed a boat.

"The preschool actually purchased it and I thought it was a good investment because it's going to be a big area outside for role play and good communication skills."

Although not yet starting the name process, they have said anyone with any ideas should get involved as they are keen to hear people's thoughts. 

They also hoping to get those inside the community to give names. 

Cara said: "We're starting off the process next week and we want to get all the children and families involved and anyone really local who wants to put a name forward. 

"We welcome to hear any comments and see what comes forward. We're also linked to a nursey in Boscombe called Camela Coady Childcare so we hope to get some names from them too."

Christchurch Preschool opened in September 2023. 

Still in its early days, Cara has said the preschool has managed to build a great community and has plenty of room to grow.

She said: "The name is slowly getting out there and obviously the more children we get, the more the word of mouth spreads. 

 "It's still fairly quiet but that means we can double the capacity quite well and it's a completely open door policy.

"We're open all year round because a lot of preschools aren't. We close for a week for Christmas. It's important to stretch that offer across because you're then not looking for alternative or panicking every holiday that comes up."

Christchurch Preschool has asked anyone with ideas for names to get in contact via Facebook or email, enquires@christchurch-preschool.co.uk.