A ROAD that has given a headteacher ‘nightmares’ after a near miss outside the school is set to be reduced to 20mph.

Children at St Michael’s Church of England Primary School, in Bournemouth, launched a petition pushing for the change.

It came after a near miss in December involving a child and a moped in West Hill Road.

A road which lines one side of the school, Somerville Road, is already closed to traffic during peak school hours, however, West Hill Road is not.

Headteacher, Anthony Evans, has been at the school for four years and said the speed limit has always been a concern of his.

He said: “When children attend breakfast club, they have to negotiate that road, which is also a back entrance for staff.

“You see cars do in excess of 40mph there.”

Mr Evans added walls around the school must remain low because of it being in a preservation area, and children sometimes get quite close.

He said: “I worry one day, and in fact children have gone over those walls, that they might encounter a car speeding down there.”

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Sofia, from the school’s parliament, said: “Some people that walk home don’t have a parent by their side that can say stop.

“And if they’re further away from the school gate then a teacher might not be able to help them.”

Rosie, another school ambassador, added she worries about the small children who do not know where they are going.

Councillor Millie Earl, deputy leader for BCP Council, said: “We would like to thank both the parents and residents who took the time to come along to our public event at St Michael’s Church of England Primary school.

“Those who attended were invited to see and comment on the proposals, and the event was very positive with a lot of support for the proposed 20mph zone around the school.

“We are working with our contractor for a planned start in the school Easter holidays, with the works to be completed ready for the new school year in September 2024.”

Mr Evans said the planned works has made him ‘relieved and reassured’, despite the 20mph zones ‘not being popular with everyone.’