I AM saddened to read that the much loved paddling pool at Redhill Park is under threat.

My Father Philip Whitelegg was a Redhill Park councillor for nearly 50 years and I remember when I was elected as a Redhill Pk Cllr in 1991 we fought to keep it open due to not meeting E.U.health/safety rules.

We won that battle with the help of the local residents.

During the warmer months Redhill Paddling pool is packed with families enjoying the weather and pool.

Not everyone can afford to go to the beach and pay the parking charges!

Please support your local councillors and contact them to support the retention of the pool so that they can make representations to the council.

The paddling must be saved.

Redhill Park residents won a battle when Bournemouth Council wanted to install showers and toilets on the common for the travellers.

Residents formed an Action Group and with the full support of the three ward independent members they won and now you see little wooden fences around parks in the town called dragons teeth!

Another battle can be won please contact your councillors Jackie Edwards and Steve Bartlett.

Alderman Anne Rey

Setley Gardens