AN energetic and creative performance of tightly choreographed hip-hop influenced pop - Jason Derulo’s performance in Bournemouth proved he was the ultimate showman.

The global superstar and now part-time TikToker Jason Derulo brought his long-awaited Nu King World Tour to the Bournemouth International Centre on Monday night.

Considered one of the most dynamic forces in pop music, many fans couldn’t quite believe they’d catch him gracing the stage in the south coast.

And what was the first date of his UK stint of Nu King, the Bournemouth show definitely set an incredibly high standard.

Ticket holders packed out the venue, with the most hardcore fans boasting their best Derulo merch, or for those lucky enough, a VIP meet and greet lanyard.

Bournemouth Echo: Jason Derulo Jason Derulo (Image: Allan Jones)

After being livened up by support acts Afro B and Sincere Show, the crowds were ready for the main event.

For hours they had waited: children, teens, adults and the Tik Tok fanatics - all charged to see the star. 

As a ten-minute countdown suddenly appeared on stage, roars erupted around the venue, and excited foot stamps left the tiers of seats shaking.

After what may have seemed like the longest wait possible for fans, the countdown hit zero, and Derulo shot up onto the stage action man style. 

With an archive of hits to choose from, the Florida-born showman kicked things off with Marry Me.

Bournemouth Echo: Jason Derulo Jason Derulo (Image: Allan Jones)

The upbeat love song saw screams get even louder, and crowds surge forward towards the stage, with enthusiasm that was infectious.

Derulo then dived headfirst into a, pretty much, nonstop set list, packed full of his dramatic ballads and dance-pop numbers.

There were so many tunes that he could count on, with top hits Spicy Margarita and Trumpets making an appearance early on in the night.

Some of Derulo’s older fans also enjoyed energetic performances of songs Watcha Say, Ridin Solo, In My Head and a snippet of Cheyenne.

Throughout, the star fronted a crew of dancers, and kept in sync with their tightly choreographed routines with his energy levels refusing to drop.

Bournemouth Echo: Jason DeruloJason Derulo (Image: Allan Jones)

Whether it was moonwalks and spins to align with his pop hits, or raunchy routines for his R&B inspired numbers, Derulo gave it his all.

He sounded exactly like the recorded versions – which is very impressive considering how much he bounced around the stage.

Derulo would give himself the odd break between songs to thank fans for coming out, but would quickly spring back into action with another hit – it almost felt like a nonstop music video.

He did get a well-earned break when it came to his performance of You and I. The star settled on the stage with a handful of his backing dancers, before acting out an emotional break-up with a partner.

Bournemouth Echo: Jason DeruloJason Derulo (Image: Allan Jones)

However, the mood was quickly lifted as the star followed with performances of Don’t Wanna Go Home and Swalla.

A song I expect stuck with most of the fans was The Other Side – where Derulo made his way into the crowd before doing a loop of the floor seating.

Everyone he passed did their best to touch him, or declare their undying love for him.

When he eventually returned to the stage, Derulo burst into a lively performance of Talk Dirty.

Bournemouth Echo: Jason DeruloJason Derulo (Image: Allan Jones)

By this point, the star was stripped down to just his trousers and boasting his athletic body, having slipped in and out of distressed jackets, gowns and studded blazers throughout the night.

Derulo did get clothed back up as he finished with fan favourite Want To Want Me.

Confetti showered onto the stage as the final lyrics were sung, and fans’ knew their long-awaited night was coming to an end.

Derulo truly ruled the stage at the BIC, and reminded everyone why he was so loved in the world of pop.