A 16-STOREY university accommodation in Bournemouth has been left without any working lifts for weeks. 

Students within the building at Oxford Point in Oxford Road have been left with no knowledge of when the lifts will be working again but a resident on the 11th floor, has complained of a deterioration of conditions since. 

They said: "It was close to 500 people sharing one lift and now the second has been down for two weeks but we've received very little update with no information. 

"It's ridiculous. I literally witnessed a girl the other day with her asthma pump out wheezing.

"That was on the third, imagine if you were on the 16th."

The resident complained that the non-functioning lifts have started to have a serious physical and mental effect on residents, with many not food shopping due difficulties carrying their items back to their flats. 

Along with this, bins have not been emptied and some are unable to wash their clothes. 

A resident said: "I fell sick on the Feb 24/25 weekend and I have been sick this whole week.

"As you can imagine, it has not been easy and I've not been able to access medication, food, or do my laundry as it would tire me out.

"I sent an email to Oxford Point asking to pass on my complaint to the higher ups and got no reply or any apology. Their communication has been pathetic." 

The building's owner said in an email that no one in the building requires a personal emergency evacuation plan.

Now Student Living, which manages the building, said: "The lifts at the building are currently out of service, the works required to bring them back into working order have been instructed and the engineers will be attending as soon as possible once they are in receipt of parts.

"Students have been communicated with on a daily basis to ensure they are kept informed as to the situation and it’s resolution. 

"Staff have and continue to support students throughout the building including transporting items to upper floors etc."