PLANS to close a doctor’s surgery next month have still not been confirmed.

Christchurch Medical Practice (CMP) has still not made a ‘final decision’ on whether it will shut its Burton surgery.

At the end of last year, CMP announced it would close its Bransgore branch by the end of January 2024 and then its Burton site in April 2024.

It came in plans to merge services into the two remaining Orchard and Barn surgeries in Purewell.

The Bransgore practice has now closed, although patients are yet to receive any confirmation on the closure of the Burton branch.

The Burton practice is located in Salisbury Road and has 3,682 registered patients.

Since its planned closure was announced, CMP has faced backlash from residents and elected leaders.

Christchurch’s MP Sir Christopher Chope said it would be a “loss of service” and that he didn’t understand the decision, while Burton and Grange ward councillor Simon McCormack said the plans were “very disappointing”.

Meanwhile, residents rallied together and started a petition to ‘save Burton surgery’.

On Monday, CMP said the closure was still not confirmed, and directed patients to a series of videos created to answer their questions and address their concerns.