A STRAY dog rehomed in Poole has been putting smiles on faces across hospital wards.

Jennifer the dog was described as “the best medicine ever” by one of the patients at Poole Hospital.

Around five years ago, stray dog Jennifer was rehomed in Poole by the Friends of the Strays of Greece charity.

She moved in with owner Emily, in a quiet and understanding family home with cats for company. 

The time came when Emily felt that Jennifer was ready to be assessed to become a ‘Caring Canine’ with the Bournemouth based dog assisted therapy group.

The canine members, who are known locally as the Happiness Dogs, recently made their first visit to Poole Hospital Portland Ward, for patients with acquired brain injuries.

The first patient to see Jennifer said “she's the best medicine ever” and another said that seeing her “had made her day”.

Emily and Jennifer will be making regular visits to Portland Ward - joining other Caring Canines who currently visit at Poole Hospital - Jenny, Bruce, Poppy and Kado.