RE the proposed 20mph speed limit, I read this with absolute horror at the thought of this proposal and have already written to our local MP regarding this matter, as there certainly needs to be a public consultation on this before they go spending more taxpayer's money.

Whilst it makes sense to reduce speed limits outside schools, nurseries and care homes etc, it just does not for the majority of roads, as in general the overall speed limits can rarely be reached due to the sheer volume of traffic, particularly at peak times, and as we have already seen after this was introduced in Wales, as well as local people getting more frustrated, the biggest loser was tourism and local trade as people got bored with crawling around everywhere, certainly not something that we can afford to lose in these hard times.

The other factor that seems to have been overlooked is that by vehicles going slower they actually cause MORE pollution as they are taking longer to pass housing and pedestrians!

Colin Humphries

Larch Close,