A SIXTY-four year old Bournemouth man will celebrate his 16th birthday today. 

As Russell Brown was born on February 29, he only gets officially mark his birthday every four years. 

Russell hopes to make the most of the day and has never let it bother him in the past. 

He said: "It's every four years that I can make the most of it and enjoy it, and every three I celebrate at the nearest weekend. I've got no problem being a leap year baby, I find it quite good. 

"My sister is born on February 28 so when we were kids we used to share birthday parties. You don't understand until you're a bit older but I never went by without a party as a kid."

Despite the lack of official birthdays, Russell has enjoyed celebrations every year and finds the confusion amusing, receiving gifts all year round.

While last year he held a joke 15th birthday party which resulted in a plethora of gifts such as Beano magazines and catapults, Russell has taken himself to see his favourite team, Nottingham Forest, play Manchester United for his '16th' birthday.

He said: "I'm driving up from Dorset to Nottingham because I'm a Forest season ticket holder and we're playing Manchester United in the FA Cup tonight. 

"I've been a Forest fan since 1967 when I was seven [one] and I'll drive back on my birthday to spend it with family and friends and that's the best way to celebrate your birthday."

Born and bred in Nottingham, Russell moved to Dorset for family and business and then married a Bournemouth woman in 1985. 

Married for 39 years, his wife hasn't joined him for the game but he usually goes with his son, Josh, who unfortunately couldn't join due to work conflicts.  

He hopes Forest can beat United once again as they did on New Year's Eve 2023. 

He has thanked everyone for their birthday wishes and looks forward to celebrate once again in 2028.