POLICE have refused to support a Bournemouth nightclub in its plans to stay open until 5am.

Owners of The Vibe, in the Triangle, applied to BCP Council to extend the venue’s opening hours from 3.30am to 5am.

But Dorset Police objected to the proposal, noting the area "already experiences a disproportionate number of street drinkers, anti-social behaviour and crime and disorder”.

BCP Council’s licensing sub-committee met to discuss the application on Wednesday, February 28.

David Crank, representing the nightclub, said the longer hours were sought to “help the prospects of the business”.

He said that “with a view to working with the authorities”, his client would amend the application to permit licensable activities until 4am, with the venue closing at 4.30am instead.

The Vibe would also be completely rebranded to become ‘DIVA’, but with no major physical changes. 

Mr Crank said: “The rebranding to a model that is attractive to the LGBTQ+ community in an area they look to populate would not be obviously likely to increase risk of serious crime and disorder.

“There may be other issues in Bournemouth but this is not something my client has seen at or by his premises.”

Mr Crank added that his client had always co-operated with police, completed a licensing security and vulnerability initiative, and had effective security measures in place at the club.

Dorset Police's licensing officer Vanessa Rosales said the applicant had been advised the force would not support hours beyond 3am.

She said: “In the last month or so, I have had to attend five incidents in that area, and it is always beyond 3am, so it is a concern for us.

“It has been the opinion and advice of Dorset Police that to allow a later terminal hour would not offer the assurance that the licensing objectives would be promoted.”

Mr Crank questioned whether there was now a police policy that clubs in the area should not be able to stay open past 3am.

Dorset Police licensing officer Louise Busfield said there was not, and that every application was “assessed on its own merit”.

The meeting heard how there were two clubs in the area that stayed open later than 3am, but these were "old licences".

The licensing sub-committee meeting was adjourned for a decision to be made.