A MAN with a progressive condition that forces him to use a wheelchair says he has been ‘left behind’ by the council because he has not been moved into a ground floor flat.

Sam Carson has ataxia, a progressive condition which affects his balance and motor coordination.

When the 45-year-old moved into his first-floor flat in 2007 shortly after his diagnosis, he didn’t need to use a stick or any aid to help get around.

But after a number of falls last year, one of which left him hospitalised for two weeks, Sam was given a wheelchair to help him get around.

He has been trying to get the council to move him to a ground-floor flat which would mean he could keep his independence and be safer.

Sam dragged the wheelchair up and down the stairs to his flat every day, to go to the Lockett Fuel café on Wallisdown Road.

He did this for two months, before buying another chair to leave one at the top and one at the bottom of the stairs.

He and café owner Kiera Lockett-Chadwick have been trying for more than a year to get him moved to a new flat, but Kiera said that BCP Council had ‘left him behind’.

Sam said he had been added to the emergency band of the council housing allocation, but he has since lost the ability to bid on properties as they become available.

“It’s very strange as I did get an OT [occupational therapist] housing report back in February of last year, but that didn’t do anything,” Sam said.

“The thing that got me put up to emergency was that doctor’s letter [which was done last year].

“But they’ve taken so I can’t bid anymore, that’s their new policy, you’ve got to take the first flat that they offer."

Bournemouth Echo:

“Where I am living, I don’t know what toll it’s taken on me,” Sam said.

“If I didn’t have any independence, I don’t know what I’d do.”

Kelly Deane, BCP Council’s director of housing and communities said: “Mr Carson has been awarded emergency band in line with BCP’s Housing Allocation Policy, which means that finding alternative accommodation for him is a priority. We continue to search for a property which meets his physical requirements, which is challenging given the limited supply of suitable accommodation.

“Our housing options team will be in touch with Mr Carson as soon as possible to discuss the recent change in his circumstances and to discuss support options with him.”