A VAN ploughed into a fence in a two-vehicle crash in Poole at a notorious junction dubbed 'smash and crash corner' by residents.

A van and a car were tore through the fence, off the junction of Woodside Road and St Osmunds Road at around 8.40am on February 27.

Residents were alerted to a loud crash and bang when the two cars collided with the fence hours before temporary traffic lights were set to be removed.

Bournemouth Echo:

A couple who live above the affected property said they felt a ‘boom and a shake’ before seeing the accident out of their window.

The man, who has lived on the road for four years, said he often hears cars speeding past the house and that he worries for pedestrians.

“My daughter goes to the local nursery, and we have to walk past there, but luckily today we didn’t because she was off sick.”

He added that ‘someone could have died’, with many people walking their children and dogs in the area.

“It was really lucky there was no one there,” he said.

Bournemouth Echo:

His partner said she believes the main issue is the amount of road works making drivers frustrated and annoyed.

She said her friend suggested that a 20mph limit would force road users to slow down.

Fiona Wilcock, who lives next door to the incident, said she has been in her property for 20 years and has witnessed multiple accidents on the road.

She said she heard a ‘clunk’ before her husband went to check no one was injured.

Another resident who was walking past the scene said her friends refer to it as the ‘smash and crash corner’ because of the number of incidents.

She added that it is a ‘notorious’ road for accidents.

Bournemouth Echo:

Nicola Allen lives a few doors away and came across police on the scene when she was walking her dogs.

She also said that accidents happen fairly regularly, and although it is a 30mph road, people use it as a main through route.

“People do come up the road quite fast and it is an issue,” said Nicola.

“But how can you make people go slow?”

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said: “We received a report at 8.41am of a two-vehicle collision in Woodside Road in Poole. There are no reports of any injuries.”

They added: “This was a non-injury collision and no offences were reported. No further police action was required.”