BRITAIN is in a real mess. You have to be incredibly lucky to find an NHS dentist, while millions of us are still waiting for NHS treatment. That’s before we even get to unaffordable energy bills, or councils going bust.

The closure of Kings Park nursery services provided by the council cut backs to services. The government need to redirect money back to local services and stop forcing councils to make harsh cut backs that have gone to far.

The government needs to deliver a budget that works for people in our area and breathes life back into Britain.

Rather than rumoured tax cuts - which tend to benefit the very wealthiest - the Chancellor should make the tax system fairer to invest in this country, our high streets, and our healthcare system.

He could raise tens of billions of pounds by closing unfair tax loopholes, and ensuring that super-rich people and companies pay what’s fair.

This way, tax can be used for good, so that everyone benefits. Will the Chancellor do the right thing for once?

Milan Budimir

Blyth Close,