In response to Daniel Glennon’s letter on ‘A Vegan Diet’ (Feb 24) I am a vegan, but I disagree with Daniel, just a little!

Everyone knows that trying to force anyone to do anything requiring a complete lifestyle change does not work; encouragement and education are needed, not force.

However, I do agree that BCP, with its 'Ecological Emergency' mantra, should be taking steps 'towards' plant-based foods on its own menus and encouraging plant-based foods within the wider BCP area.

I became a vegan initially for my grandchildren. I didn’t want them to grow up in a world where animals still suffered - a world that was more polluted, where antibiotics were useless, where the next pandemic was lurking around the corner, and where songbirds no longer sang.

In my view, you cannot be 'eco-friendly' or an 'animal lover' if you are not, at least, trying to cut down your meat and dairy consumption - this is at every level, individual, corporate, and municipal.

So yes, plant-based foods should be part of BCP’s palette of eco initiatives because without them, they are missing one of the biggest contributors to the environmental and health problems the world faces.

Think on - when you are off to buy your favourite burger meal and you’re forced to sit in the new BCP ULEZ zone, doing 20mph and looking at cycle lanes with practically no one on them, you could have had as much effect by simply switching to oat milk in your coffee and choosing the plant-based burger in your bap.

Peter Lowther

Chaddesley Glen,