A POPULAR bar and restaurant in Wimborne appears to have closed its doors.

The Dancing Moose at 71 Highstreet, Wimborne Minster, is believed to have been shut to the public for a number of weeks.

The signage has been removed from the outside of the buildings, and the venue seems to be empty.

Residents have taken to social media with questions about the Dancing Moose’s sudden closure, which appears to have occurred without any explanation.

The bar no longer has a website attached to its Wimborne location, and the public has reported they are unable to make bookings. 

Wimborne’s Dancing Moose opened in 2017 at the former Vintage Rooms.

Dancing Moose previously also had a venue in Bourne Avenue in Bournemouth town centre which has since closed. 

Now, only one Dancing Moose venue remains open in Station Road in Ashley Cross, Poole

The Daily Echo have approached the Dancing Moose for a comment on the apparent closure.