A NUMBER of homes in Verwood have been affected by a power cut.

Homes in five postcodes in the town, including in Meadow Way, Owls Road, Lake Road and Newtown Road, will be out of electricity until 4pm, SSEN has warned.

The electricity provider has said an engineer is on site now fixing the problem which is affecting 19 customers, after it was first reported shortly after 7am, February 25.

SSEN said: "We're very sorry for the power cut and we are aware of a fault on our local network affecting several homes.

"This means that you and some of your neighbours will be affected by the power cut, but not all - this is why you may notice some of your neighbours have power when you do not.

"It's not uncommon to see one in three homes affected."

The firm added: "The cause of this power cut is a fault on our underground network. This is the most common type of fault we see and our teams are very experienced in dealing with these issues."