A RINGWOOD community centre has said an emotional goodbye to a 200-year-old cedar tree. 

Greyfriars Community Centre in Christchurch Road has had to say goodbye to its historic cedar tree. 

The centre spent the last decade fighting to keep the tree alive after it became diseased with a type of fungi, however made the decision to have it felled on February 22. 

Centre manager Claire Alexander said: "When the tree was assessed in October, we were told there were only a few options and one would have killed the tree anyway so we applied for permission to fell it. 

"There's quite an emotional attachment to the tree from the whole town because it's part of Greyfriars and we're a community centre that's a charity that's been here here since 1958. It's part of the history of the town."

Based in an 18th century building, Claire believes the tree has existed on the property for nearly 200 years. 

Despite this, and after trying every avenue, it was decided the tree was becoming too dangerous to leave.

Bournemouth Echo: The estimated 200-year-old cedar tree was felled after a decade fight against rot.

She said: "We've done everything we can to keep it going but the longer left it, the more dangerous the tree became with insurance, liability and the fact we have general public walking underneath it. 

"We've used a lovely local business called The Tree Management who have been fantastic and not charged us a huge amount because of our fundraising and everything we do."

The tree cost £2000 to fell but Claire has seen it is a quick solution to what has been ongoing large costs to keep it alive.

On top of this, they are expecting further costs from removing the tree stump and then putting a lawn over it. 

Deputy Town Clerk, Jo Hurd, said: “The Town Council regrets the loss of the magnificent Blue Atlas Cedar from the lawn of Greyfriars Community Centre. 

"Members have been aware for several years of the failure of the tree and, in anticipation of this day, funded a replacement English Oak to commemorate the Jubilee.  Members commended the efforts of the Community Association in carrying out thorough investigations, and fully understand the reasons for the decision to fell the tree at this time.”