I LIVE in Lymington now before moving from Parkstone when I got married - Westbourne brings back lots of memories.

I started work as a junior typist in 1960 at Auto Service Garage in Robert Louis Stevenson Avenue.

A gallon of BP super plus was I recall 5/6p gallon.

The office was very Dickensian in character.

Mr Watson - accountant had a tall desk - used to look over the desk at us - felt quite nervous at age 15.

The secretary at the time could have just walked out of a Dickens novel.

She was thin and tall with black rimmed glasses. Scary!

I used to love the second-hand bookshops top of the arcade.

Many a lunch hour was spent browsing through them.

Whilst still at school - loved reading and enjoyed visiting arcade to buy second-hand weekly Schoolgirls Own Library.

Yes unfortunately don’t get to Westbourne so much now living in Lymington - but when I do love a fish/chip meal in Chez Fred.

Next door to where the fish and chip shop is now used to be a radio shop - I bought my 1st Dansette Portable Radio in there - religiously paying for it out of my meagre wage packet every month !!

Happy days!

Ann Phillips

Middle Road,