A SCHOOL has complained to Ofsted over the behaviour of inspectors after being downgraded from ‘good’.

Queen Elizabeth’s School, on Blandford Road in Wimborne, were rated ‘requires improvement’ in its latest inspection despite being deemed ‘good’ in three out of five areas.

The academy teaches around 1,500 students aged 13 to 18 and has been rated ‘good’ for over 15 years.

Ofsted visited the school in October 2023, with a report being released this month, stating that improvements needed to be made in the quality of education and leadership and management.

The education watchdog found that expectations of what pupils learn were too low in key stages three and four, resulting in students lack of pride in their work.

The report said that the needs of pupils with special educational needs or disabilities are identified but the curriculum is not always adapted to meet their needs.

However, inspectors also praised the school for its ‘calm and orderly atmosphere’ as well as pupils being taught about healthy relationships and online safety.

A spokesperson for Initio Learning Trust, which Queen Elisabeth’s School is part of, said that although there were many positives in the report, the overall grading “is unquestionably disappointing.”

“We have been very open with our families about the report, and also to recognise where – legitimately – we believe Ofsted was right to point to the need for improvement.

“Our commitment to them, is that we will continue to focus on these areas so that next time Ofsted visit they will see rapid progress in these areas.”

“Notwithstanding this, we fundamentally disagree with the overall judgement and raised our concerns with Ofsted through a formal complaint.

“These relate to the way in which the inspection was carried out, the behaviour of the inspection team, and the depth of their reviews when coming to a decision on the quality of education we offer at Queen Elizabeth’s School.

“We have also written to Sir Martyn Oliver, who is the new head of Ofsted as he has pledged to make much-needed changes at Ofsted.”

Ofsted declined the opportunity to comment but said that the complaint has now been closed.

The trust added: “Ofsted have a really important job to do and, as we’ve said to our families, we absolutely recognise some of the areas in the report that they highlight as needing improvement.

“Our focus now is on addressing these and moving forward as a school.

“However, it’s right that schools raise concerns where they have them – as we did – particularly so when the some of the behaviours are not consistent with the new approach that Sir Martyn Oliver has set out.”