1970s soul group 'Shalamar' have announced their latest UK tour which features a performance in Bournemouth.

Named the Greatest Hits Tour 2024, the group will perform at Bournemouth Pavilion on May 24 to celebrate nearly 50 years as a group.

In an exclusive interview with The Echo, band member Jeffrey Daniel said: "I'm always looking forward to returning to the UK, it's got to be one of our best audiences and I love their enthusiasm, their love for the Shalamar legacy and how they interact with us while we're performing. 

"They're dancing, singing along, having the time of their lives, and watching your audience have a good time just injects you with it and creates a mutual exchange." 

Shalamar first formed in 1977 as a disco-driven group created by Soul Train, an American music dance TV equivalent to Top of the Pops.

Jeffrey begun as a dancer on the show as a child but quickly achieved fame after being noticed by Michael Jackson. 

He said: "I was just a dancer, like the kids who danced in the audience on Top of the Pops. We would watch the Jackson Five, Marvin K, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, but then the producer and presenter of the show started a record company and built a group around me. 

"I was such a notable dancer on the show, they knew I had talent so it was natural evolution. I had no idea that I was one of Michael Jackson's favourite dancers on Soul Train but he contacted me to teach him the 'backslide'."

After Jeffrey taught Michael the backslide, which he claims was re-branded as the moonwalk, the duo worked together to choreograph both the 'Smooth Criminal' and 'Bad'  music videos. 

Shalamar broke into UK audiences with the 'Friends' album and hope to celebrate their music once more with British audiences.

The band still comprise of lead singer Howard Hewitt and Jeffrey and are joined by Carolyn Griffey, daughter of Dick Griffey who created the band. 

He said: "It's a celebration of all the hits that the people love and we're going to give it to them."