A TOTAL of 270 choir members are to perform a new choral work in Salisbury Cathedral based on poetry. 

The piece, composed by Paul Carr, is set to be performed at Salisbury Cathedral by 270 musicians. 

Named 'Awakening', Carr's new work has been adapted from 16 poems written by Stephen Feltham which form the libretto of the music.

Stephen said: "Awakening is a series of 16 poems charting the awakening of spiritual awareness within a soul and it's development through realisation that life is wonderful. There is a circle of hope that is always there. 

"I wrote these poems and submitted them for academic review to the symphony chorus and they thought it had a significant amount of merit."

The work will be performed by Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra's chorus, youth chorus, orchestra, and Salisbury Musical Society. 

It will premiered in Lighthouse, Poole, on June 9 before it is taken to Salisbury Cathedral on June 22. 

Stephen said: "I feel honoured that the Bournemouth Symphony Chorus should feel the book of such merit that it should commission Paul Carr to set the many poems within the book to music.

"I feel it is a lifetime's opus and feel grateful for my good fortune in seeing Awakening develop and come to fruition."

Alongside his poetry, Stephen has also created a orchestral charity called Chorali Fiscus. 

The charity aims to fund choirs in the Bournemouth area to enable them to continue their work without financial burden with over £30,000 donated to the charity.

Stephen said: "A lot of choirs, especially since the pandemic, without support will go bust and while one's compassion is drawn towards foodbanks which are necessary, who is giving money to the arts?

"A good meal will keep you going for 24 hours, a good spiritual uplift will keep you elevated for months."

Chorali Fiscus has helped fund eight choirs on the couth coast which includes three in Bournemouth. 

Stephen, whose family hails from Salisbury, says he has great affection for the area.