Christchurch Sailing Club has turned 150 in 2024 and will celebrate the landmark with several events. 

Christchurch Sailing Club, The Quay, has begun celebrations for it's sesquicentennial birthday, which it will continue to do throughout 2024. 

Founded in 1874, the club has stayed in the same place for it's entire history, moving buildings and expanding across the The Quay. 

CSC Commodore, Keith Barkway, 73, said: "I think Christchurch has become richer for us being here in the way of facilities we've got here. The vast majority of members are from Christchurch and, while people sail and race, you reach a stage in life where you can't do it anymore.

"The club changes and becomes a friendly meeting place that has embraced people from cradle to grave. Some people here were members almost in the pram."

The CSC began its history in the original clubhouse which was built in 1896. Moved to the new building, which still contains the original framework from when it was constructed, the club has been based in the current clubhouse since 1926. 

Alongside its historic buildings, the club has spent time restoring one of its original boats, the Ianthe, which was built in 1896. 

Keith said: "You've got to keep the tradition of the sailing club but that it goes on in terms of technology and the future. We're not stuck in the past but we want to celebrate it. 

"You've only got to look at how it's evolved over the years up the present day with the training room, disabled lift and our plans to build a balcony, it's a continuous improvement." 

The CSC's 150th committee board have held a Burn's night with a 150 year twist and a historic archive presentation to begin celebrations and have planned at least 14 more events which includes involvement in Christchurch Carnival and a 150th race celebrations with a specially built trophy.

The club has also prepared a plaque to commemorate the event which members can inscribed on for a small fee.

The club hopes it can create events for all its 1000 members to be involved in.