Dramatic footage shows rocks hurtling off cliffs at a Dorset beach as coastal erosion in the area continues.

Beachgoers on looked in shock as rocks were seen tumbling down the cliff at Lulworth Cove.

This area of the Dorset coast is no stranger to coastal erosion.

The cove has recently suffered multiple landslips, with the most recent one being captured by video on February 11, 2024.

Andy Stone, 59  from Bournemouth was spending the weekend at Lulworth Cove when he documented the dramatic footage shortly after midday on Sunday, February 18.

He said: “We were walking by the cliffs and there'd been a couple of minor cliff falls during the morning.

“As we sort of came back, there was a huge crack and I just had this feeling it was going to go.

“And after about ten minutes of watching it, it did.

“There's a lot of people just enjoying the coast down here today because it's quite sunny.

“There's still plenty of beach to walk around to get around it.”

There were no reports of any injuries

The cause of the landslip can be linked to the weather and ‘severe changes in environmental conditions.’

Lulworth Rangers also posted on its social media to warn beachgoers: "Please note that the cliffs at Lulworth Cove are displaying further signs of instability.

"A major slip has occurred and has blocked the beach.

"Exercise caution at both the base and summit of the cliffs, and verify the tide schedule to prevent inadvertently endangering yourself."