ALMOST 60 third year architecture students have visited Bobby's in Bournemouth.

The building is undergoing a major renovation to the top floor and façade as the landmark is transformed and restored to its 'former glory'.

Four sessions took place with the Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) students enjoying 30 minutes of presentations by the project's construction and consultant team.

Followed by Q&A's and a behind-the-scenes tour on-site to see the action, progress and innovation being made in the building project.

Student Wilf Reynolds said: "I'm not new to building sites as I work on them when I'm not at university.

"However, seeing a building site of this scale is quite a surprise. It builds excitement for bigger jobs and projects for myself in the future."

Students began their behind-the-scenes tour by donning their hard hats and high-viz vests to comply with the site's strict health and safety requirements.

Presenting were Ashley Harris, Spetisbury Construction, Matt Allibone, Whitefox - Chartered Surveyors, and Mike Ford, Footprint Architects, all of whom work for Verve Properties.

Melanie Kaviani, senior lecturer, PSA Architecture at AUB, said: "It's been brilliant to be here with our students - listening to and seeing the consultants working together and their collaborative approach is insightful for the students."