TWO schools and a nursery in Verwood are to be brought together into one ‘campus’, Initio Learning Trust has said. 

Emmanuel Middle School and Verwood First School and Nursery already share the same site, and the integration is seen as a ‘natural development.’

The new Verwood and Emmanuel Campus will take effect in September, with Rob Christopher as executive headteacher.

There will be little change for the pupils, but the move will mean a more seamless education pathway from nursery to Year 8.

Liz West, chief executive officer of Initio Learning Trust, said: “This is very much an obvious next step in the development of the schools and nursery.

“Already, we have shared curriculum planning and staff training and development.

“And the leadership for Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) is also shared.

“The length of the school day and uniform won’t change, so the children will notice little difference.

“But a more coordinated and integrated approach will lead to an overall better educational experience, leading to improved results for children.

“As a trust, our schools already share good practice and resources, so this is a natural extension of the existing philosophy.

“Rob Christopher will become executive headteacher at the start of the next school year and, until then, will work closely with the current interim headteacher, Katharine Anstey.

“What we are creating is a smooth pathway for children in and around Verwood from nursery to the end of middle school.

“And after that, pupils can move to Queen Elizabeth School in Wimborne and continue their education within the same family of schools.”