DETAILS have been revealed about the fight that led to the fatal stabbing of 18-year-old Cameron Hamilton.

Mr Hamilton was stabbed three times during the incident in Bournemouth Square last summer.

Thomas Betteridge, 18, is accused of his murder, but defence barristers argue he was acting in self-defence.

Lennie Hansen, 18, is accused of assisting an offender by swapping his shoes with Betteridge following the stabbing.

The pair have been facing trial at Bournemouth Crown Court.

On Monday morning, and one week into the trial, the court heard from Harry Sadler - a friend of Mr Hamilton.

Bournemouth Echo: Cameron HamiltonCameron Hamilton (Image: Dorset Police)

Mr Sadler had been out with Mr Hamilton and some other friends in the Dancing Jug on the evening of Friday, August 4, 2023.

Mr Hamilton had been kicked out for being ‘too drunk’, and so the group went outside and gathered near the Obscura Café in the Square, Mr Sadler said.

There, they came across defendants Betteridge and Hansen, who Mr Sadler said he had never met before.

Recalling a fight breaking out, Mr Sadler said Mr Hamilton “came out of nowhere” and said, ‘can you back me?’, before going over to Betteridge and “wrestling with him”.

In a police interview, Mr Sadler said he and his friend Kieron Stride then punched Betteridge’s friend Hansen because he tried to “jump” Mr Hamilton.

Malcom Gibney, representing Hansen, suggested Mr Sadler and Mr Stride gave Hansen “a very serious kicking or punching for no reason whatever”.

After the initial fight in the Square, Betteridge ran off but was chased by Mr Hamilton and two of his male friends.

After a short pursuit, Betteridge slowed and turned around, before stabbing Mr Hamilton three times.

Speaking in court, Mr Sadler said that he remembers hearing about a knife being present "at some point", but did not see it himself.

He said that he shouted at Betteridge to 'put the knife down', but can't recall what Betteridge's response was. 

Edmund Burge KC, representing Betteridge, asked Mr Sadler: "You accept that your order of the events and the precise timings is pretty ropey isn't it?"

Mr Sadler agreed, admitting that he and his friends had been drinking and taking drugs that night.

Mr Sadler also maintained that no one in his friendship group, including Mr Hamilton, was carrying a knife on the night of the incident, and told the court: “Me and my friends don't carry knives.”

The jury previously heard Betteridge's account that one of the three males was carrying a knife.

The trial continues.