POOLE Park Railway has once again derailed.

One of the carriages of the popular train which circles the lake in Poole Park came off the line earlier this morning, February 12.

The carriage can be seen on its side on a slight corner.

BCP Council, the operator, has been contacted for more details on the incident.

This isn't the first time the train, called Howard, has fallen over.

Howard last fell off the tracks in December, where BCP Council launched an official investigation into the matter.

Councillor for culture Andy Martin said that despite people being in the carriage when it came off, nobody was injured.

It also came off the line in October 2023 and again in September 2022, both times because of a piece of debris.

As reported, the railway was suspended in 2018 after a series of problems, including derailments and staff shortages. 

In 2019, planning permission was granted for the demolition and replacement of its engine shed while the 640m track also needed to be re-laid. 

Efforts to bring back the popular attraction were hindered when the council failed to secure a contingency engine as promised in December 2021. 

The railway was officially re-opened by the mayor of Poole, with flags, fun and band music on October 15 2022.

Seating 32 people, including dogs and wheelchairs, the carriages are painted in a green and yellow livery to pay homage to the Southern Railway that operated in the area from 1923 to 1947.

The railway is now run by BCP Council-employed railway supervisors and a team of volunteers.