A large tree has fallen across a path in Bournemouth gardens following torrential rain and high winds.

Residents reported that a tree had fallen in Bournemouth’s Upper Gardens on Sunday, February 11.

BCP Council cordoned off the area as they carried out an investigation and the removal of the tree.

A yellow weather warning was issued from Tuesday 8 until Friday 9, a warning for torrential rain across the South West.

The warning said: “Periods of heavy rain will bring the possibility of some disruption.”

A spokesperson for BCP Council said: “BCP Council’s Parks team attended the fallen tree in the Upper Gardens in Bournemouth on Sunday. The team cordoned off the area and made it safe. The tree will be removed this week.”

In November, another fell down in Bournemouth Lower Gardens during storm Gerrit.

The tree was cut down after becoming ‘unsafe’ as a result of the strong winds.

Part of the trunk remains in the ground, near the cenotaph, but the rest has been chopped up on the ground.