AN OFF-ROAD motorbike has been seized at a rugby club.

Officers from the Poole neighbourhood policing team and the roads policing team seized the bike on Saturday, February 11, at Turlin Moor Rugby Club.

A spokesperson for Poole Police said: “Reckless riding of off-road motorbikes will not be tolerated and will be seized on the spot - no questions asked when ridden illegally without license or insurance contrary to 165 of the Road Traffic Act 1988.

“This is done for the safety of the public and that of the rider. Remember that Section 165 applies to 'public spaces' and not just public highways.

“If you wish to ride a motocross bike on land as a hobby, you can do so, providing the land is privately owned, with no access to the public and written permission is obtained from the landowner.

“Community fed intelligence, coupled with assistance from the local authority live CCTV cameras help us to locate the riders and their patterns. So please continue to report any sightings, along with descriptions and addresses online.”

The force added that if someone sees an off-road motorbike being ridden dangerously, to call 999.