IT is of great concern to read that BCP has nearly run out of money.

After having spent some £3million on the artificial surf reef, which was the wrong kind then £76,000 for the 'Welcome to Bournemouth' hung over the Wessex Way when, I guess most of the visitors knew where they were, and then £7.5 million on special sand which was not supposed to blow as much as the original sand.

Running a single decker bus up/down Sea Road several times a day, on most days it was empty.

Another waste of money.

Now there is more sand than ever before and it stretches all the way up Sea Road. This will cost a fortune, no doubt, to move and at a guess I expect the single decker bus will be running very light up and down Sea Road.

I await with baited breath to see what's coming this year.

Mrs C J Jackson

Marina Court,