BREWHOUSE and Kitchen has been recognised as having the hospitality industry’s best apprenticeship programme. 

The Bournemouth-based firm went to Parliament last week as part of National Apprenticeship Week. 

At Parliament, the team was joined by Jessica Toale, prospective Labour candidate for Bournemouth West, where Labour’s plans for energising apprenticeships within hospitality were discussed. 

Kris Gumbrell, chief executive of Brewhouse and Kitchen, said they also talked about revitalising technical training to develop skills for hospitality. 

He was also joined by Bournemouth West MP Sir Conor Burns, where the pair discussed the challenges in Bournemouth town centre. 

At the end of last year, Brewhouse and Kitchen was awarded best apprenticeship programme at the National Innovation Training Awards for the pub and hospitality sector. 

Kris added his company has "always punched above its weight” as a provider of apprenticeships and was the “lead business in innovating the level four foundation degree apprenticeship in brewing”.  

As a result, Brewhouse and Kitchen is part of the five per cent club of British companies, whereby at least five per cent of the workforce is in qualifying apprenticeships, one of only three hospitality companies to be part of this prestigious group.  

Brewhouse and Kitchen chief executive Kris Gumbrell said: “The shortage of a skilled and motivated workforce within hospitality has been much publicised, particularly since the Covid period.  

“Providing meaningful apprenticeships, is a critical tool for any business to grow from within, develop its own skill, workforce, reduce vacancies and improve retention.” 

Last week, schools, colleges, employers, career advisers and thousands of students come together online to celebrate Apprenticeships in support of the Government-run National Apprenticeship Week.  

Brewhouse and Kitchen has 23 pubs across the country, including one in The Triangle in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorchester.