A SINKHOLE which appeared yesterday afternoon on a major bus route has now been fenced off - but still not repaired.

Gervis Place, the road at the Square in Bournemouth town centre only used by busses and taxis, is closed towards Westover Road.

Red fencing has been placed at the exit of the road before the sinkhole, near the arcade and workmen were seen repairing the road at 8.30pm.


The M1 and M2 toward Royal Bournemouth hospital and Southbourne will not turn left by the Hilton Hotel and will instead use Pier Approach and serve stands on Westover road. They will then turn right onto Hinton road and continue normal route. They will not serve Gervis Place.

The M1 and M2 toward Poole will proceed via the normal route but will not stop at Westover road due to the number of buses that will already be on the stands and instead

BCP Council said: “Our Highways teams were notified of the sink hole late this afternoon. We set up a diversion and made the area safe.

“The north-eastbound side of Gervis Place is currently closed from its junction with Terrace Road and Exeter Road.

“Traffic is currently being diverted via Exeter Road, Pier Approach, Bath Road and Westover Road, and Gervis Place is accessible to authorised vehicles westbound.

“The closure and diversion will remain in place for safety reasons until the repairs are complete.”