A HEALTHY cafe and smoothie bar that prides itself on the appearance and taste of its products is Daily Echo's Trader of the Week. 

Akai is a healthy café and juice bar that offers gluten-free, plant-based, and natural alternatives.

According to its website, Akai provides: 'A fresh and unique experience that perfectly transitions from early on-the-go breakfast to lunch, to post-sweat session fuel up.'

Bournemouth Echo:

Manager Katie Gulak, 25 said: “We focus on health, but also to look pretty as well.

"I think that appearance attracts most people because it's the aesthetic of the food and it's a nice little treat to indulge in. 

“I also think Akai is in a really good location because it's central and it's a lovely road.

“It's really good for people coming down the road from a session at the gym and also in the summertime when everyone is relaxing in the gardens. 

“And with our vegan and gluten-free products, we can cater to everyone.”

Bournemouth Echo:

Smoothie bowls, cookie balls, cold-pressed juices, and toasts topped with fresh fruit are just some of the many beverages and meals available at Akai.

The inspiration behind the staple menu item, smoothie bowls, stems from Claudia Walsh, the director of Akai, and her travels around Los Angeles before opening the shop in Bournemouth.

‘Our smoothie bowls are hand-blended made to order using fruit as the only ingredient.

‘With a variety of different flavours, they have the consistency of soft serve ice cream and are topped with granola, fresh seasonal fruit, and a variety of superfoods.

Bournemouth Echo:

‘We care about serving food that makes you feel good, and food that we believe to be beneficial to your body.

‘Most of all, we care about serving the best bowls in the world and providing our customers with a truly unforgettable experience.’

Unlike other cafes nearby, Akai also prides itself on its cold-pressed juices.

Some of the advantages to drinking the ice-cold beverage include an immunity boost, digestion improvement, and a daily dose of the much-needed five-a-day fruits and veg.

Akai can be found on 6 Westover Road in Bournemouth.