ON reading this article again about our council BCP, I am appalled at their reason for charging us mortals such a high rate for our council taxes.

I bet that they were not cold last year, this winter, or next winter to come.

Most of us mortals in BCP area are struggling just to keep warm, but I bet this council will award themselves a very generous pay rise on our suffering, apparently if a tax rise succeeds 5 per cent then they need a referendum, so they have elected to raise the council tax to 2.99 per cent plus a further 2 per cent for adult social services bringing the rise to 4.99 per cent, if this is not indecent then what is? We need a referendum NOW.

So we mortals can vote on this, why should this council get away with it, we are paying for their mistakes WHY,?

We are getting very fed up with this council they seem to be able to do exactly what they want it's about time they were made accountable for their actions.

Us pensioners will be getting a 8 point per cent pay rise in April, 4.99 is taken for this council tax before we even get it, what are pensioners supposed to live on?

Our council does not seem to care.

Barry Lyle