A BELOVED Bournemouth bike store has closed after 32 years of trade. 

Onyerbike, based in Charminster Road, Bournemouth, has ceased trade and has blamed logistical issues after Covid and Beryl bikes on decreasing trade.

First opened in 1992, co-owners, Gill and Alan Butler, took to social media to inform people of the news on February 6.

Gill said: "We started across the road in a small unit and we just grew and grew and expanded. We were so busy and well established but then it just sort of started to slowly decline. 

"During Covid we sold every bike in the store but afterwards we couldn't get any bikes because none were coming into the country due to logistical problems."

Onyerbike was one of the most popular bike businesses in the area and had schemes with Bournemouth University along with bike hire on the beach. 

However, Bournemouth University changed the nature of their bike hire scheme and Beryl bikes were introduced, which Gill believes helped kill business. 

She said: "Beryl bikes have had a massive impact because we used to hire bikes to foreign students and we were recommended by all the language schools who would bring their students in. Now we get nothing from offering bike hire. 

"We used to have a deal with Bournemouth University also as part of a governmental scheme to encourage people to cycle.

"BU would give students vouchers for bikes and the students would come here but they changed what the voucher could be used for which included free bus travel or partial payment of rent so of course they would pick those."

Although the council has tried to gear the area to be more cycle-friendly, Gill believes not enough people are yet using the new cycle lanes. 

However, she stated that the community has shown wonderful support over the business's three decades of trade.

She said: "It's a shame because we don't want to leave Charminster Road. It's been a lovely neighbourhood but we can't compete anymore.

"The council have spent millions on cycle lanes but they're just not busy."