A MICHELIN starred restaurant in Bournemouth has announced it will close.

Terroir Tapas in Grove Road, Southbourne, says it will shut and blamed high utility bills and VAT for killing the business. 

Restaurateur James Fowler has now put the building up for sale.

Mr Fowler said: "The energy bills just jumped up massively this year and it's only a small restaurant. I think it just makes sense to collaborate other opportunities. 

"Our goal was always to offer a planet positive dining experience with no negative impact on the outside world, an attribute that sadly only a tiny percentage of restaurants can do."

James said that after Covid the restaurant had struggled to get back on its feet. Despite seeing success at points, the restaurant started to see only around 40 customers a week. 

Terroir earned its Michelin star for sustainability due the food's traceability and also its zero waste policy. 

He said: "We wanted to teach the next generation about proper cooking. So many restaurants don't care abut where their ingredients come from and I really believe that if people are going out for a meal, they should be given local cooking chefs. 

"They are so few and far between and that's why we were special.

"Our head chef, Jessie Wells, is such a rare find these days as he was properly trained and was also a butcher so he made sure animals were broken down and every part eaten."

Mr Fowler opened Terroir Tapas in 2017 and also owns restaurant The Larder House and cheese shop Parlourmentary, both on Southbourne High Street.

 James believes that the public needs to look at what they eat in restaurants with a lack of care of food quality in many places. 

He said: "People need to look at what they're eating and I understand we got criticized a lot for the cost our food but we've got full traceability on ingredients which is really important.

"If you pay a few quid more you can support local farmers rather than go to restaurants who go to supermarkets as it's the cheapest thing to do."