A SPOKESPERSON for BH Active Travel asserts that 'the group believes that the gate closure does not disadvantage disabled people', how many disabled people has the spokesperson asked, certainly not me!

My wife and I used to enjoy a drive to Poole Quay, sit and enjoy all the activity there, then move to Poole Park to see all that was going on.

We would then drive through Keyhole Bridge towards Evening Hill (where the disabled can no longer sit in their car and enjoy the view), then past the inner harbour, through Westbourne and back home.

A pleasant outing made less so by the closure of the gate.

The same spokesperson also disputes that BCP is anti-car. Really!!

We have a) this closure, actioned before a public consultation, b) the deputy leader of the council says that they 'intend' to introduce 20 mph across BCP ( by what authority, such wasn't in any manifesto), this after consulting with a national pressure group before local residents, c) then there was the refusal to offer free parking in Bournemouth to attract people into the town over Christmas (hence the low footfall) and now d) a minimum parking time of two hours!! Not anti-car?

If the council wants to pursue this agenda I suggest that parking for councillors at the Town Hall car park is no longer allowed and they be encouraged to use public transport, cycle or walk to meetings.

R David Laidler

Fernside Road,