RNLI volunteers have taken on several challenges to celebrate the charity's 200th anniversary. 

Volunteers at RNLI Poole Lifeboat Station agreed to do several activities which included the number 200 in order to raise awareness for the RNLI's birthday. 

The team has taken on such activities such as waking, running cycling and wing foiling, all of which have to hit either 200 steps, miles or kilometres in total. 

Anne-Marie Clark, volunteer at RNLI Poole said: "Everybody is getting involved and so we have 200 movements, 200 miles, 200 jumps or whatever is challenging while keeping our little lifeboat family solid and using camaraderie to get us fit for when we do a bigger challenge."

The station has highlighted some of the activities volunteers have taken on, with one volunteer, Flick, having run 220 miles as he prepares for a marathon. 

Joe, A helm at Poole, has walked and cycled 260 miles while another volunteer, Dave, has completed 298 miles of walking, cycling, and wing foiling.

Anne-Marie said: "We have a group of hardcore, very fit people at the station that do all these challenges to keep the camaraderie together.

"However, there's some of us that are not so fit, that can't run or do squats every day so there's a range of activities so everybody can get involved."

In her aim to hit 200, Anne-Marie hopes to build a collection of 200 stories and connections with Poole RNLI. 

She hopes people will get in touch so she can build a image of how the station has helped save lives. 

She said: "Since 1988 I've been talking to people and sharing stories. I feel that I've got those words and I'm the curator who needs to take care and pass them on. 

"I've already had a few people say what the RNLI means to them. One of our collectors was on Christmas Day on the Sandbanks Ferry by a bus driver that without the RNLI he wouldn't have been there driving that bus."

The public can donate to the cause on the RNLI website.