A YOUNG entrepreneur has been using his health condition to help others by creating his own knitting business.

Joshie Cadbury, 11, was diagnosed with epilepsy after travelling to Switzerland when he suddenly became unwell.

Both his parents are physiotherapists so knew what to do to help him.

Bournemouth Echo:

After spending a few nights at Calais Hospital, Joshie was discharged and free to enjoy the rest of his holiday.

Whilst in hospital, Joshie found a love for knitting and taught himself to make  a headband.

Unfortunately, after the holiday, Joshie experienced further seizures which led to his epilepsy diagnosis.

Joshie and his family have raised a grand total of £2,000 for UHD NHS Trust’s epilepsy fund through his business called BANZ where he charges £10 per headband.

His parents also fundraised by working with New Forest Aid to offer training courses for important life lessons such as CPR, seizures, choking and use of defibrillators at £25 per course.

Joshie’s mum, Kate said: “I am so proud of how far Joshie has come and the way he has channelled his diagnosis into something so positive.

“He has had such a tough time and trying to settle into school, but he has done it. We have certainly learned a lot about how you can face your fears and do it anyway.

“This is something positive as he has learned to get through this hideous time in his life and hopefully, he will carry these skills with him into later life.”

“It is great to know we have encouraged other parents to train up on vital first aid skills that you just never know you may need one day.”

“There really is nothing more frightening than when you see your child not breathing, but what is even more frightening, is not knowing what to do.

“We hope our fundraising helps other families like ours.”

Amy Beauchamp, fundraising officer for University Hospitals Dorset NHS Charity, said: “It is quite remarkable how Joshie at just 11 years old has taught himself how to knit and managed the production of such high-quality knitted headbands.

“It is great to see how this new hobby has made him cope with the challenges he has faced.

“We are extremely grateful for every penny raised for our Epilepsy fund and for Joshie’s family to choose for their donations to go to their local hospitals like the local hospital that helped them in Calais during their holiday to Switzerland.”