WE refer to BCP's strategy and review of day opportunities in the area.

It is naive to state that there are more opportunities available now in community settings, such as community centres, village halls and cafes.

We know from personal experience that these are either unsuitable or full, with extensive waiting lists should any spaces actually become available.

If they proceed with this Dickensian policy, how are they going to then manage the excess number of clients who will require/still need access to these "non existent" or vastly oversubscribed services, not to say the very hard working, caring and devoted staff who ultimately will loose their jobs.

This is a truly odious policy aimed at those who are the most vulnerable and at risk in our society.

Day services are vital and essential for the wellbeing of those people who attend as well as providing much needed respite for both families and carers alike.

If they have no day centres then the client's and families will be in danger of becoming isolated and thus having a detrimental affect on their mental health.

Harvey and Rebecca Hamilton,

Beamish Road,