IS a cold spell on the cards again and will Dorset finally see snow?

While some parts of the country could see snow next week, Dorset looks set to miss out once again.

UK Extreme Weather told the Daily Echo snow would not be a possibility in the south over the next few days.

However, he said temperatures could drop between 4C and 7C next weekend. 

He said: “Focus should be for a significant cool down from the weekend.

“And possibly colder towards months end. Any snow looks confined to the northern half of the country next week as things stand.”

Temperatures this week will be around 10C to 13C before the mercury begins to fall away.

However, heavy rain is forecast for Thursday and Friday.

Jay Bournemouth added: “There have been mentions of snow in the past couple of days. However, our current thinking is that snow will affect the Midlands/north England.

“This is due to a low pressure coming in off the Atlantic towards the UK.

“As this happens, there is cold air heading south towards the UK. This will mean there will be a dividing between mild air and cold air, which will bring snow on its northern edge.

“We also have seen in the past that closer to this event, the low pressure trends further south, which we are keeping an eye on.”

He said the cold air is set to head across the country sometime between Wednesday and Sunday of next week.

Dorset's Weather Spotter said Dorset looked set to miss out on any snow this week with mild and wet conditions instead.