THE council will have to find about £250,000 to repair a closed pier. 

Lake Pier, off Lake Drive in Hamworthy, was shut by BCP Council last June over safety fears. 

Structural examinations revealed issues with the struts, wooden handrails and ageing timber.

As a result, it has been deemed a “danger to the public”. 

But now BCP Council has said it could cost £250,000 to repair the pier, with work going on behind the scenes to find funding. 

Bournemouth Echo: Lake Pier, HamworthyLake Pier, Hamworthy (Image: Daily Echo)

Deputy leader of the council Millie Earl said: “Recent condition surveys of Lake Pier have highlighted a series of failings of the main structural elements and raised health and safety concerns. 

“As a precaution, the pier was closed and public access restricted. 

“The pier will remain closed pending a decision about the long-term investment needed to finance the repairs. 

“In the meantime, we are proactively exploring funding options with external organisations and interested parties.” 

Last year, BCP Council’s flood and coastal erosion risk management team got permission to replace the gabion baskets (cages holding stones) and improve access to the beach. 

A council report described the old 48-metre stretch of baskets as in a “failed state”.

Bournemouth Echo: Lake Pier

The report warned that without intervention, it could lead to a loss of the car park edge and in time, the access point to the pier structure. 

The repair work will be completed at an unspecified date using money from the Levelling Up fund.

It will include repairs to Hamworthy Park’s seawall rock and replenishment work at Holes Bay. 

Built in 1939, Lake Pier was initially used to service and refuel a flying boat service in Poole Harbour. 

There was previously a medium risk following a check for unexploded ordnance as the area was a target for the Luftwaffe during the Second World War. 

Lake Pier is at an inner harbour sand and shingle beach close to Ham Common Nature Reserve and is a Special Site of Scientific Interest.