POOLE Park originally had five vehicle access points.

At the moment it has two, two for coming in and one for leaving, so there is still some through traffic. What has changed is that a third access point, very near Keyhole Bridge is currently closed experimentally for several weeks to vehicles.

This has left all the car parks including disabled spaces open, and has meant there are now more people using mobility scooters with less through traffic.

The closure has had the same reaction as Poole Quay in the summer, a lot of complaining and then, oh isn't it lovely.

I hope everyone who loves Poole Park will visit there before filling in the survey on whether to make the closure of Whitecliff Road entrance to vehicles permanent.

The park is already closed completely to traffic for morning rush hour, and for many events including Park Run on Saturday mornings, so this half way house gives even more people the chance to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet from BCP's hustle and bustle.

Please, come and see for yourself how much nicer the park is for all genuine visitors without the rat running at rush hour.

Susan Stockwell

Britannia Road,