BOURNEMOUTH’S iconic big wheel has been removed from the seafront, with just the stand remaining.

Residents have noticed this weekend that the Ferris wheel has gone missing, with many questioning whether it will return.

Bournemouth has hosted the wheel since May 2016 although it was originally located in the Triangle.

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The attraction has proved poplar among tourists and residents with its views across the pier, beach, town, and Lower Gardens.

BCP Council confirmed in March last year that the contract for the current operator was due to expire this month and that applications were open for a new operator.

The new contract would be set from 2024 to 2027 and applicants were told they must be able to supply and operate an observation wheel next to the pier.

Applications closed on April 28, 2023 however, it is not known if a new operator was selected.

The Echo has contacted BCP Council for more information.