FEARS have grown that a new pub will create "noxious smells" and late-night drunken behaviour.

Refurbishment work at The Swan Inn, in Old Orchard, Poole Quay continues alongside an off-licence next to the pub. 

The owners previously applied for a licence to open the off-licence until late at night and for the pub to serve alcohol and have music playing until after midnight seven days a week. 

On Fridays and Saturdays, this would last until 3am, a licensing committee hearing heard. 

However, residents in Poole Quay, along with Dorset Police and Environmental Health, have raised concerns about the potential for extra noise. 

Bournemouth Echo: Vespasian in Poole QuayVespasian in Poole Quay (Image: Daily Echo)

Speaking at a licensing committee, Quay resident Lee Elliot: “I can sit on my balcony and toss a coin and it hit the back of this proposed nightclub – that's effectively what we’re talking about. 

“It’s absolutely outrageous. When I bought my flat I was told that the Swan was going to be converted into flats, which is clearly not the case, and I want that to be heard. 

“We all know what the drinking culture is like on a Friday/Saturday night: shouting, swearing, people urinating in the street, violence, fights. This area is residential.” 

The new premises are next to new apartments Vespasian, built by Poole-based property development firm Fortitudo. 

Its chief executive Richard Carr told the hearing he has invested some £20m into Poole Quay and he was concerned residents would be "very disappointed".

Bournemouth Echo: Vespasian

He said the biggest problem would be the “noxious smells” which would come from the kitchen, which was proposed to produce mainly burgers. 

Mr Carr warned the wind would blow up into the balconies and into residents’ lounges. 

“However it is strongly rumoured on the Quay that this will actually be an Indian restaurant,” Mr Carr added. 

“When people have had a few drinks, they go outside to smoke and will laugh and joke and make a lot of noise and it will unfortunately translate into noise in people’s homes.” 

Bournemouth Echo: Richard Carr, FortitudoRichard Carr, Fortitudo

Licensing consultant Surendra Panchal, representing the applicant, insisted the new venue would not be cooking curries, but burgers, snacks and “food for people drinking”. 

He added: “[The applicants] are very competent, they understand the full licensing objectives, they understand the new laws and they do understand crime and disorder [laws]. 

“They’ve invested quite a lot of money: the pub was £200,000 worth of refurbishment. 

“He has run three restaurants in London and has no problem.” 

A noise impact assessment, signs warning customers to be quiet and sound insulation to the refurbishment were all given as mitigation. 

A decision was made in private and the applicant will be notified in due course.